Friday, 27 July 2007

27 July 2007

Thank God its Friday .................... the girls got back from their trip yesterday, they kinda enjoyed it! It was nice to have them back and it was our wedding anniversary so we celebrated with fish and chips and Prosecco! I made the Malteser cake which is actually a biscuit but truly delicious, very similar to Rocky Road that they sell in Starbucks which is made with marshmallows rather than Maltesers .......... all extremely fatteningly moreish!

Made it up Ingleborough on Tuesday (thought Tom wouldn't get back in time so I went for a 20km bike ride in the morning!) and really enjoyed it. It was very misty on top so we didn't stay long but we had a refreshing cold drink when we got to the bottom.

I went to Preston PAD gallery on Wednesday to drop off some of my jewellery to put on sale there. Its a great gallery well worth the visit and the long trek to the bottom of Church Street!

My new bangle is selling well (see it on ) and I am going to make a matching necklace soon ............ I tend to wind down in the summer when the children are off school.

We are supposed to be going on a camping holiday this year .............. starting off in Oxford! Might have to do a last minute change of plan ........... will check the long range forecast and see what is happening with the weather. Those poor people who are flooded, I hope they can get sorted as soon as possible.

Lazy weekend planned, bit of tidying up, bit of gardening if the weather holds off ...........

Monday, 23 July 2007

23 July 2007

The school holidays are upon us ................... which I actually enjoy! I love that time with my children, we have time to chill and do stuff we never get around to doing .............. people always say 'nearly the school holidays' whilst rolling their eyes and I roll my eyes back.

Having said that now, our 2 daughters have gone away today until Thursday on a Youth Group holiday for the Catholic church ................ mmmm. We will see how they liked it when they get back.

In the meantime I can stay at work late and tomorrow we are off walking for the day with no restrictions on time, very strange feeling!

Had a few webs sales over the weekend (another silver bangle CAV31 ... proving popular!) and some sales of my own jewellery that people locally have asked for.

Off to have a look for a recipe for Malteser Cake which I will make for the girls when they gte home on Thursday.

Sales good at shop today which historically is unusual, normally quiet first 2 weeks of the holidays!

Thursday, 19 July 2007

19 July 2007

What a week ............ I have managed to 'get over' Manchester and will apply to do their Christmas market, its all experience isn't it?

Made some more sterling silver jewellery this week which were all commissions and I have some designs I want to try out but that can wait until next week.

Yesterday I spent the day in Preston, I had a hospital appointment in the morning which went well as I was down to have surgery in September but they have decided to try alternative treatment first. Obviously I am relieved but twistedly I was thinking that I would have a genuine excuse (in my mind) to not run for a few months and not have to work for a few months!

Anyway after that I went on a mini shopping spree which I have to say is unlike me as I am not a shopoholic so I did enjoy it. Then I went off to Pad Gallery to see if they would be interested in having my jewellery in there and I think they might be but I have to officially apply first.

Today, weather great by the way, I got a bike ride in this morning, popped some jewellery in to a customer, mowed the lawn and have done a lot of admin/paperwork whilst listening to Radio 1 ............. loving Kings of Leon latest ...........

Saturday, 14 July 2007

14th July 2007

Only just enough energy to say that Manchester Markets has been terrible so far .............. long days, spent alot on it and no return so far ......... only sold a few items so I am feeling despondent especially as I was all hyped up for a great weekend! Its going to be a real effort to get out of bed in the morning for the last day ...............

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Tuesday 9th or 10th July 2007

Its been one of those days aahhhhhhhhhh ................. started great, went on a bike ride early, got home and did some tidying up, the postman delivered my hallmarked silver jewellery, allelulia .... everything was going great .......... and then I played with my website again and messed up so I have a gap at the top of the page so people are going to think it is blank! I have also got some code on the bottom of the page as well ......... its always so easy when you read the blurb and it says just copy and paste this code in to each page of your website!

THEN I phone up to check on the whereabouts of my mobile credit card unit that I need for Manchester Markets on Friday and ......... they have received confirmation from me by fax on the whole deal! What fax? Never received one! Soooooo, a nice guy called Patrick Shea (I pronounced his surname right first time so he was impressed, it was never that easy to impress a guy when I was single and younger!) has taken on my case and is helping me to achieve this mobile unit by Friday ...... but no guarantees.

Have managed to bake more bread and start to sort everything for Friday in the mean time ........ next week I was going to sell my jewellery at the Royal Lancashire Show but its been cancelled, will I get my money back? Think I will organise a jewellery party at home instead as I have a lot of jewellery to sell and also there is lots of stuff in the shop that I can reduce to tempt people.

And I've thought it was the 9th today.

Taking girls to Guides tonight, bit of shopping in Booths which means I will have to wait for my XL glass of wine ........

Ciao people .................

Monday, 9 July 2007

Monday 8th July another week

Desperately trying to come up with a 'cool' design for displaying my jewellery in Manchester ........

Had a great weekend .............. Church Garden Party on Saturday, poured on and off all day but it was a good day. Bumped in to Nick (Woods of Morecambe) from the Chamber of Commerce Etrader Meetings and his wife and children, small world ....... Saturday night stayed fine and we went to a BBQ at our friends house near Lancaster which was great. Sunday Tom went off to climb Scafell Pike and I took the girls swimming to the outdoor pool, have to make the most of the gaps of good weather!

Have had no orders for the past few days from the website which is strange ........... I've checked everything is okay so don't know what has happened ............ maybe its just a quiet time ...... if anybody out there sees something weird let me know

Talking of jewellery again I haven't had my silver back from the hallmarking office yet! Need to polish it up and price it before Friday!

Saw a picture of the skull encrusted with jewels by Damien Hirst over the weekend ...... £50 million! It is amazing what people do make and more amazing what sells at those prices.

Anyway, must get on ....................

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thursday 5th July 2007

Interesting day, tried acid etching on sterling silver for the first time. Very random result, some of it worked and some of it didn't but enjoyed doing it.

Went for a run this morning (no rain!) and then went off to do the acid etching as we had no electricity for the day - some sort of repair/maintenance thing- it happens a few times a year. Jo Dix did the acid etching, very talented jewellery designer, she makes some amazing pieces.

Got the weekly shop done and out of the way as tomorrow its .............. go to work with a parent day!!!!! So my daughter Mia is coming with me to the shop, she thinks she is going to get some shopping done but I have a few jobs lined up for her.

Still haven't sorted my display table for Manchester Garden Market next Friday so need to crack on with that.

Trying to sort out a holiday in the summer, we are going to stay in the UK (carbon foot printing etc so no flight this year - did I mention I drive a Land Rover?) but have probably left it too late. Going to spend a hour or so surfing now to try and find something ...........

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Tuesday 3rd July 2007

Had a family weekend, Tom's family came over on Friday and stayed the night and my parents came over on Saturday for dinner. Sunday was Race For Life in Lancaster, all 3 of us did it again (27 years to the day since my Mum died). It was a good day except I felt really ill after for the rest of the day, not sure why .......... could have been lack of sleep over the last few days.

Seemed to be on target for getting all the jewellery ready for Manchester Garden Market in a few weeks. Trying to keep up the work with website though finding it far more difficult than I realised, its like learning a new language!

Have made a few new designs in sterling silver that I love so I will develop those over the next few weeks.

Had a baking day today ....... made some bread (I do one loaf every week everyone loves it), some buns for the kids and some chicken soup from a leftover roast chicken at the weekend.

Also did a run, tidied up and sorted the cat out!