Monday, 30 June 2008

30 June 2008

Had a good weekend though waved goodbye to our eldest daughter as she went off with the school to Barcelona for the week ........ we just chilled yesterday, took it easy, read the papers and ate!

I am preparing my sterling silver jewellery for photographs so that I can get some advertising materials done ....... still designing my exhibition stand ......... but kinda getting there.

The pendant pictured is of a glass bead handmade by Andrea McKinnon, I have had it for a while and have been thinking about a setting for it and finally came up with this - sterling silver wire twisted etc ........ I really like it and feel it is perfect for the bead ....... it has a kinda flower power groovy feel.

You can it on line at

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Tuesday 24 June 2008

What terrible weather over the weekend! I did a little shopping with eldest daughter as she is off to Barcelona with the school next week and needed some more shorts and things .... we got soaked in between shops!

Had a good Sunday ..... family came over for lunch and I steamed a whole salmon which was delicious .... I bought from someone at a food hall at Holker Hall .... must look out for him again.

Got a new outlet (sale or return of course)...... the Artroom Gallery in Garstang ..... they took quite a few pieces so I hope it sells well there.

I have had quite a few outlets paying me for sale or return that has been sold so its topping up the account so that I can prepare for the trade and retail shows that I am doing .............

Still finishing off the windows!!! but only got 3 left to do an really want to get it done as someone is coming to look at the house on Thursday. It's not going to sell the house but at least it looks better ..............

Started with a sore throat last night and its still here this morning ...........

Thursday, 19 June 2008

19 June 2008

Went to The Design Show in Liverpool ......... some great jewellery there .......... was looking for ideas on displays and got some thoughts going ........

Off shopping tomorrow, doing bits and pieces and then the in laws are coming over the weekend, and my family on Sunday ......... hoping to get a few more windows done .... its really dragging on and we need to finish it as there is plenty of other things we need to be doing .......

Monday, 16 June 2008

Monday 16 June 2008

Some new pieces, I love the earrings and have been wearing them since I made them ..... you can see all the pieces on the website

Had a good Father's Day yesterday, the girls bought some really good quirky presents from Gear in Kendal, its a fantastic shop, they always come up with something different for me when I need something. They also gave him a couple of linen shirts which were on offer at Boden ...... brilliant funky colours and designs ( I bougth those of course!) ............. and finished it off with a nice roast pork dinner ........ tonight they are cooking beefburgers for dinner for us all! Trying to get them more experienced in the kitchen!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Friday 13 June 2008

Friday the 13th ............. I am not superstitious but my children are? I guess they are at that age when its fun to do the superstitious thing, just hope they grow out of it.

Its been a good week ............... I got my new designs made and I love them, they kinda move on from some of my other designs, the Wired! range. It has been difficult to photograph them though so I haven't got anything I can post yet but I'm working on it ..........

I have managed to get on top of my paperwork and next week I seriously need to plan my exhibition stand ...........

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Thursday 11 June 2008

Finally managed to finish off new pieces and get everything to the assay office in Sheffield for hallmarking.

Also managed to get a few more window frames painted .......

Now I need to concentrate on designing my exhibition stand for September! I have no idea what to do ..............need inspiration .... now!

I am also devloping some new designs that I started a few months ago but put on hold whilst I got up to scratch with making and fulfilling current orders.

I was going to get the children to make fingerprint cufflinks for Father's Day but it all went pear shaped with bad moods so it didn't happen. There are a couple of cufflinks on the website

which are great but I think the children are old enough to sort it out themselves this year so it will be interesting to see how they deal with it!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Friday 6 June 2008

Some images as promised of new pieces .......... called blob! ..... earrings will retail about £35 and the pendant £50 .... the spiral earrings will be about £20.
I am pricing up pieces today for a sale on Sunday at Ribby Hall Wrea Green and making a few other pieces ........ I'm on call for First Responders today and tonight so its a good day to get things done .....

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Thursday 5th June 2008

Making an effort ............... had a good week so far, got 2 commissions finished and more jewellery made, I am doing a fete at Ribby Hall on Sunday so need stock for that and also get in to a shop in Preston called Vibe which is a great looking contemporary jewellery shop.

Managed to get on with the windows as the weather is so good so have rubbed down all the back windows ready for Tom to paint them!
Also baked a loaf, Marnie made Chelsea buns at school which were delicious (although we made a pact not to eat bewtween meals or eat junk this week!), still haven't run since Manchester but will get back to it soon ........ think it has been good to give the old body a rest!

Will post some images of jewellery soon ...........

Sunday, 1 June 2008

1st June 2008

Oops .................. nearly a month since I last blogged!! Thought it was something like 2 weeks ....... well half term took over last week and we did have the best fun ....... shopping in Preston, Manchester ......... swimming in that wind in an open air swimming pool .......... helping out at Holker Garden Festival .... finally watching Son of Rambow at the Dukes Cinema Lancaster, what a treat!
Of course now I am raring to go with new ideas and lots of jewellery to make ..... I havea lot to do between now and September, 2 shows, one trade and one retail so I need to get an exhibition stand designed and made and lots of printing .... watch this space .......