Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Liquorice allsorts

Have finally got back in to making mode ........ had a few sketches that needed developing ......... a new bangle which didn't quite work but will probably be okay with a few adjustments ..... new necklaces which have bright funky glass beads ..... bracelets and earrings to follow. I have also developed my Luna range to include more pieces and some more upmarket pieces ..........

I attended a seminar lead by Rachel Smart which prompted me to get on with things ......... I have set myself some targets for this year (not sharing this in case I don't achieve them!....so defeatist already ......... - note to self - must be more positive!)

Watched DVD Angles in America - Al Pacino/Meryl Streep - Mike Nichols film adapted from stage - fantastic.

Oscars .......... poor Atonement! Haven't actually seen it but feel like I have as I have seen so many clips!

Have added some new pieces to the website over the last week ..... silver bangles mainly and some of my new pieces ........ bangles sell exceptionally well .........

Monday, 11 February 2008

11 February 2008

Still doing bits and pieces for the shop and waiting for the council to come and do a handover.

Listened to the news earlier........ McCartney/Mills settlement .... am I interested? He married a much younger person quite quickly, no pre nup ........... its sad more than anything that another child will live between 2 homes.

Watched the BAFTA's last night, Daniel Day Lewis was great and I am glad Atonement got something ............ and Amy Winehouse won loads of Grammy's, I love her music and hate the druggy image she has but those days of being squeaky clean have long gone ..... if she wants to live her life like that let her ...........

Was going to do a bit of baking but the oven thermostat went last night (whilst roasting some chicken!) so cant do 'oven things' over the next few days!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Friday 8 February 2008

Went to see my sister who is recovering nicely from a hystericalectomy .....made her laugh which was painful!

Went to view 2 houses - love both so not sure what to do - one is similar to the one we live in...... in the country, bit quirky, old etc and the other one has everything we want but is in a cul de sac, surrounded by houses but in a village atmosphere!

Did the cabinet in the Scarthwaite Hotel - no sales! Not good ...... but the sales are slowly increasing on the website so ....

Got my silver order yesterday so need to start on those new designs and its half term next week!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Wednesday 6th February 2008

Went to the Spring Fair on Monday with a friend. Some great new jewellery designs were on show and we had a good day.

Spent today catching up on repairing a ring, modifying some earrings and making 2 sterling silver commissions.

Still looking in to changes on the website and waiting for advice and quotes!

Shocked about Grange Hill but I guess time moves on. I used to watch it when I was younger but haven't seen it for years ........

Going for a run tomorrow and then on to my course, Adobe Photoshop! Progressing nicely with my images and should have some canvasses to print soon ............

Sunday, 3 February 2008

3rd February 2008

Had a good week. Closed the shop so I now just have the website to run and promote my wonderful sterling silver jewellery. Going to Spring Fair at Birningham tomorrow for a look see at what is going on ........ went for a run after Church today, had a 'family' drive out to deliver a letter and things and watched Wild at Heart with the girls ........... also watched Bourne Ultimatum ........ brilliant as usual ..............