Saturday, 18 August 2007

Fascinating week with work ........ some great commissions for me and some other designers ..... also I took my new range to Finestra Gallery in Kirkby Lonsdale and they loved it so bought all my stuff, now I have to crack on with some more ...... always easier said than done in the school holidays!

We are starting a 2 week sale in the shop next week - sterling silver heaven for lots of people - so hopefully our sales will go up. It will be nice to get some new stock in for the autumn ....

My neice Heather is working out well for holiday cover in the shop! Had a few reservations but she is doing okay .......

Weather forecast is supposed to be good for next week so going to plan some outdoor activities ...... climb up Ingleborough with a group of us and our children ...... get some more cycling in, a bike ride to Bentham ........ maybe even a swim in the outdoor pool at Ingleton!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Wednesday 8th August 2007

We are now in the middle of our 'camping holiday' and have had a great time so far. Checked the weather forecast and went down to Oxford, beautiful weather so camped there for a few days and then moved on to London to stay with a friend. Have to say that I have enjoyed being under canvas, didn't think I would but the weather being so good its been great fun.

Took the children to the Tower of London yesterday and had a humourous beefeater guide that made all the difference to keeping the kids attention. Highlight of course was the crown jewels, got plenty of ideas for new jewellery designs! blingy tiaras, orbs, maces etc ........ went to Spencer Cooper gallery in St Katherine's Dock and enquired if they would be interested in some sterling silver jewellery, they didn't say no so will organise to show they some samples in September.

Had the usual fun people watching on the bus into and out of town, I love coming to London but equally love going home. Need to make abit more money so I can have a pied a terre in town!

Off to see some more culture today, hopefully the V and A and a few exhibtions at the Portrait Gallery if the kids can stand it! Should be off to Sussex tomorrow for a few more days camping as the forecast is good ............