Thursday, 28 June 2007

Its Thursday already!! Have accomplished alot so far this week.

Went for a run with Barbara yesterday after attending eldest daughter's award ceremony at school - 3 awards wow, very proud parents! The run was good, did about 9 km then came home, finished a silver order off for a local shop and delivered it.

Also managed to get all the jewellery done I need to take to Manchester with me, just a few finishing off bits to do. Now I need to design the display to attract shoppers my way! Costs keep going up, sorting and hiring a mobile card machine is expensive ....... sorting the display will cost as well though at least I can re-use it a few times.

Today I finished my City and Guilds course in Art and Design, hurray, but need to buy a tumble polisher as I have been using the one at the college for the last year. The effect is great so its worth investing in one.

Tonight its a clay pidgoen shoot for the Rotary Club ....... ooops its already raining ....... and a BBQ so might just give it a miss.

Tomorrow its working in the shop again ....................

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Silver soldering day

Another good start today which has continued well so far ........ I had to stay at home today and work because I am 'on call' for the First Responders in my area. I have made a lot of silver jewellery which was my plan as I am doing Manchester Garden Market in 3 weeks time and I need (hopefully) lots of silver to sell. I have made a good start so I will get it ready for hallmarking now, get it back and then polish it ready to sell.

I also do photography and aim to take some images on canvasses with me to sell in Manchester as well.

Some the jewellery will go on the website as well

I am going to go on a long bike ride later, some fresh air would be good and also some exercise as I feel like I have a trapped nerve in my leg - its all that standing and soldering probably.

Need to do some cleaning!! and take girls to Guides later ......... will feel quite smug if I get it all done!

Monday, 25 June 2007

Monday 25th June 2007

On my list of things to do this week is create a blog and its midday and I have started it already!

My reason for creating a blog is because all the SEO experts have been telling me for months that this is currently the best way to help your website in the 'rise up the rankings' (that bit should be said in a Kenneth Williams voice!). So for purely selfish reasons I am writing a blog to help my website 'do' better with the search engines.

I intend to write about my passion for silver and jewellery that will hopefully be of interest and also topical stories in the world and anything that might interest people ....................... hence the title.