Sunday, 4 May 2008

4 May 2008

Gosh where does the time go to ..... hadn't realised its been 5 days since I last blogged!

Spent Wednesday wandering round Preston whilst I had my car sorted out ........ had to leave it from 9am until 3pm ......... got my hair trimmed and had a good walk round streets I haven't been down for years ....... got back only to be told they hadn't done anything and could I come back again! Why didn't they phone me so that I could have gone back home and got some work done ........ I was very calm (could be the meditation influence!!) and re-booked for another time!

Thursday was my last Photoshop course for a while, I need to get some work done and prepare some images that I want to sort out and then sign up again for the course.

Friday I worked on the website with Roger ......... going to do a redesign and tweak it abit .... I guess it needs it after 4 years but I love the original design by so I have been hesitant about changing it.

Saturday I made a cake for my neice who is going off to Australia for 3 months ........ we are having a farewell meal tonight ..... today I am going to chill a little and get soem jewellery ready for tomorrow as we are selling at Wray Fair.

Then its a whole new week .......... bursting with new designs so need to create ..............