Wednesday, 26 September 2007

26th September 2007

Busy making jewellery ...... mainly to stock up for Christmas but also to show to galleries in the hopes that they will exhibit me.

D day tomorrow at Spencer Coleman Gallery in St Katherine's Wharf .... hope someone buys my jewellery or even lots of people!

Have my first yoga session tomorrow ..... really looking forward to that. Have done a bit of running and bit of cycling but as the hedges are being cut at the moment I get a puncture every time I go out! Will give it a rest for the time being ..........

Saturday, 22 September 2007

Saturday 22nd September 2007

Wow what a week!

Sadly my father in law died last week and we had to go to the Isle of Man to attend his funeral. It was a good funeral, a cremation which kicked off with him being put in a motorbike sidecar hearst! Then we did a short part of the TT course that he liked before going to the crematorium .......... how fantastic when you loved motorbikes and the TT! The funeral directors were great, really lifted the occasion for everyone in our car. I also got the chance to get better acquainted with my husband's 'half' family .... itsalongstory!! The good thing is that I have another father in law who I know really well.

On the way to the Isle of Man I got a call from the Spencer Coleman Gallery in St Katherine's Wharf to see if I could send them 16 pieces for an exhibition that starts on Thursday 27th September!!! Not a lotta time but wow fantastic exposure for me.

Another gallery, The Bluestone Gallery in Devizes called and put in another repeat order so that was great and i have targeted a few other local galleries to me and I have appointments with them over the next few weeks ........... so things are kinda lookin up!

I am annoying the children because I have The Fuguees 'Killin me softly' on repeat on iTunes, can't get enough of it at the moment.

Old school friend Jan is tying the knot in October so that is good news. It means a meet up with lots of people from school some of whom I haven't seen for a while.

The sale finishes in the shop on Monday ...... its been quite good but not as good as past ones ....... I guess that is retail for ya!
Best part is all the new stock we have ordered, I have put some on the website already

Off to eat pasta and drink red wine now!


Monday, 17 September 2007

Monday 17th September 2007

Run Fat Boy Run was great, predictable but one of those great funny British movies, easy to watch and relaxing ... it is a 12A but was disappointed that the F word was used a few times, have to say it does annoy me, I don't see why it has to be used and I feel that it is so acceptable now. Anyway don't get me started on that!

Getting excited about new stock for the shop and website, lots of ordering going on this time of year so in the next few weeks its definitely worth looking at the website to see what we have.

Have been running over the weekend as every time I dragged my bike out it had a puncture. Another sign of the times this time of year ............. hedge cutting time! The girls have both had punctures so it was my turn but it did me good to have a run for a change.

Shocking news about the helicopter crash and the airplane crash ........... must be such a terrifying thing to experience.

Hoping to get on with making some more jewellery tomorrow as I have a few appointments and I need to get some pieces hallmarked and definitely need to build up my stock for the next few months.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Its Saturday

I have to say I am disappointed with myself with not keeping up to date with my blog ........ I planned to write it at least every other day ........ oh well ........ off to see Run Fat Boy Run now! Blog will have to wait!!

Friday, 7 September 2007

Getting back to normal!

First back at schoool and the children were sent home because there was no water .... and I was on a train to London with my husband! Fortunately my neighbour was around and she helped me out by looking after them for the day. Of course the children were ecstatic that they had an extra day off but annoyed that they had got up early .........

Went to London to visit a gallery in the hopes that they will exhibit/buy my silver jewellery ........ waiting to hear from them. Also had a look round International Jewellery at Earls Court and saw some fantastic new stuff, designs, ideas, great colours for the new season.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am doing a Craft Market in Kirkham with Made in Lancashire. The weather forecast is good so hopefully it will bring people out to have a look round.

I purchased my new barrel polisher from Cooksons last week ..... wow! I have been meaning to buy it for ages but kept delaying it as there were always more important things to buy but I am so glad I have done it now, everything looks so much more polished! Sadly I get very excited about it but others jewellery people will understand. Can't help being passionate about jewellery!

Listened to Radio One Chris Moyles on the way to work this morning (listen to him every morning) and he really made me laugh...... it was all a bit toilet humour so I won't go in to detail but it was funny. Shockingly heard on the news that Kate McCann was now a suspect in her own daughter's disappearance .........

Need to pack up for the craft market now so got to go..........